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Liam Font - 1 Font $29
Liam - Playful, Hand-Lettered Serif Typeface OTF $29
OTF | 2.60 MB

  • Liam is a playful, hand-lettered serif typeface that bounces off the page with its exuberance and spontaneity. Liam features 130 alternate letters and takes advantage of contextual alternates that gives this font its natural look and feel. 52 ornaments have been illustrated to complement and complete this design.

Triump Font Family - 14 Font $364
Triump Font Family - 14 Font $364
Triump Font Family - 14 Font $364
Triump - Simple Sans Serif with 14 Weights 14xOTF $364
OTF | WOFF | 1.8 MB
The typeface family Triump is a simple sans serif with 14 weights from Thin, ideal for use as an epigraph, to Black for head titles of special impact. Excellent for applying in graphic design as logos, trademarks, posters, editorial and web design. Inspired by the classic types of the late twentieth century with rounded corners that give the typography a smooth appearance with rounded ends, with a horizontal stroke that exceeds the vertical in the letters A, E, F, H, J and K which gives a distinct personality. Triump offers a wide range of OpenType features such as ligatures, alternates and catch words, that gives the design a cool, modern look.
Triump comes with a Black weight in normal and italic Line both upper and lowercase letters, especially to give a vintage look to the designs.
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FM Clog Font Family 4xOTF $65

FM Clog Font Family $65

4 OTF Fonts and WebFonts | Designers: Jordan Jelev & Vassil Kateliev


  • The Clog font family is represented by four different outlines - Normal, Open Face, Shadowed and Engraved. Each of them could be your best choice when designing a wine label, package or magazine headline. By using Open Face and Shadowed outlines you will discover how easy it is to produce unique design of its own style.

Glitter Original Dingbats 6xOTF $30

Glitter Original Dingbats $30

6 OTF and WOFF Files | Designer: Aga Silva


  • The fonts in this family of six files contain 62 original dingbats in 5 variants, and 26 original dingbats in 2 variants plus 10 tilable patterns (Glitter Medley).
  • For best results use layered.
  • Note: Please be aware that you may need to prepare those patterns in order to work with them in CAD-CAM or if you intend them for bolt cutter etc.

LiebeErika Font Family 4xOTF $79

LiebeErika Font Family $79
4 OTF  Fonts and WOFF Webfonts | Designer: Ulrike Rausch
  • Ever since we started publishing on MyFonts in 2009, we've received requests for a typeface to complement our popular dingbat fonts. So here it is: LiebeErika. Friendly and polite, rather thin, extra narrow, and of course‚ carefully hand-crafted.
  • LiebeErika’s casual and warm style is perfectly suited for invitations and personal correspondence. It’s even in the name: German phrase, Liebe Erika‚ translates to, Dear Erika, the beginning of a personal letter. But LiebeErika is not limited to English or to the German character set. It supports many other languages, too!
  • LiebeErika comes with a stunning variety of ligatures and alternative forms available through OpenType features. (Please make sure your software supports OpenType if you wish to use the advanced features.) The font contains over 500 glyphs, so it’s actually two or three fonts in one.

Majordomo OTF $24

Majordomo OTF $24


  • Majordomo font is a font that was based on a vintage unnamed alphabet I found in an old font book. I traced it and added serifs and weight. Majordomo is a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. Typically, the term refers to the highest (major) person of a household (domo) staff, one who acts on behalf of the (often absent) owner of a typically large residence.

Ovoda Font Family 3xOTF $100

Ovoda Font Family $100
3 OTF Fonts with WOFF Webfonts | Designer: Allen Mercer
  • Whether summer, winter or fall, Ovoda is posed to add a youthful yet refined touch to any design. Use Ovoda’s three weights to pucker up your latest packaging or liven up your layouts. Ovoda is a must have for your clubhouse!

Ryder Gothic Pro Font Family 3xOTF $150

Ryder Gothic Pro Font Family $150

3 OTF with WOFF Fonts | Designers: Steve Jackaman & Ashley Muir


  • A revival based on the Harry Winters design ‘Roslyn Gothic’ released by VGC in 1972. We've added a new light weight and several alternate glyphs. Ryder Gothic contains all the high-end features expected in a quality OpenType Pro font.

Spicy Rice Pro OTF $29


Spicy Rice Pro $29
OTF & WOFF | Designer: Brian J. Bonislawsky & Jim Lyles  


  • Our Spicy Rice Pro has a festive flair to it that works through winter holidays to summertime jams. Casual and exciting, the extra heavy letterforms are imbued with a little exotic flair and flavor to spice up the party. The SmallCaps and extensive figure sets only offer Spicy Rice Pro an even wider range of creative options.
  • Opentype features include:
    - SmallCaps.
    - Full set of Inferiors and Superiors for limitless fractions.
    - Tabular, Proportional, and Oldstyle figure sets (along with SmallCaps versions of the figures).
    - Stylistic Alternates for Caps to SmallCaps conversion.


Naive Inline Font Family $30
Naive Inline - Serif Handwritten Font Family $30
6 x TTF and OTF
  • Naïve Inline is a serif handwritten font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin for La Goupil Paris. The three weights of this retro-Parisian typography can be enhanced with a bicolor interior, ribbed or full, to improve your designs and bring a nostalgic and unusual feeling. To do so, you can simply superimpose the 2 elements: the weight above, the interior below.


Ninfa Serif Font Family - 10 Fonts $220
Ninfa Serif Font Family for Books & Magazines - 10 Fonts $220
OTF | WOFF | 17.4 MB
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Using the genetic inheritance of semi-serif typeface Ninfa, designed in 2008, Ninfa Serif has 10 styles and designed to fulfill all needs in the design of text - books and magazines.

Bundle vol.3 – 21 Custom Fonts!
Bundle vol.3 – 21 Custom Fonts!
Bundle vol.3 – 21 Custom Fonts!
Bundle vol.3 – 21 Custom Fonts!
Bundle vol.3 – 21 Custom Fonts!
Bundle vol.3 – 21 Custom Fonts!
13 TTF 18 OTF | 12.32 MB RAR

Coco FY - 1 Font for $35

TTF, OTF | 1 Font | 1.25 MB


Coco FY is a vintage script font reminding of storefronts sign paintings, and other hand-lettered street signs. With its high contrasts and its condensed forms, Coco FY will give an original retro style to your designs. This font will certainly find its pleasure on posters, packaging and branding.
Coco FY was co-created by Bertrand Reguron & Gia Tran on, the first collaborative type foundry.

Braxton Font Family - 5 Fonts for $95


Braxton Font Family

Braxton - brush flavored script font family includes 5 unique font weights. The font family is characterized by excellent legibility in both - web & print design areas, well-finished calligraphic designs, optimized kerning etc. Braxton is most suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks that come in both maximum and minimum variations. The font styles are applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos.

OTF | 5 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5 Mb RAR

Harry Pro Font Family - 10 Fonts for $400


Harry Pro Font Family

This revival of Harry is based on the original design by Marty Goldstein (and C.B. Smith). Goldstein, born in Chicago in 1939, was the co-founder of the groundbreaking Creative Black Book. He graduated from the Pratt Institute in 1960. Harry, first published by VGC in 1966, was named for his father. ITF has added four new weights to the original six.

OTF | 10 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 5 Mb RAR

Modernica Font Family - 16 Fonts for $189


Modernica Font Family

Modernica is an excellent tool that provides a large range of possibilities in design work. It is a sans serif font that contains eight weights plus matching italics. All Modernica typefaces include a set of small caps, ligatures, contextual alternates, modern and old style figures, superscript and subscript, numerators and denominators, among other OpenType features. Modernica is the extension of the Mazurquica family, a condensed grotesque font created to be used in titles looking for impact. Based on the Mazurquica structure, it was designed as a new font for both headlines and continuous text. Modernica seeks to go beyond the grotesque style, — a style that perhaps looks coarse on occasions, maybe for its excessive geometric feel — and instigate a more fluid and friendly structure while remaining solid in its use.

OTF | 16 Fonts | JPEG Preview | 4.2 Mb RAR

Aaux Next Compressed Font Family $280



18 OTF and WOFF Webfont Files | Designer: Neil Summerour Next Compressed

Abril Font Family Complete $745
Abril Font Family Complete $745 | 22 x TTF | Turkish Support
The text weights are more closely inspired by both, 19th century slab serifs and scotch roman types. They maintain consistency with the headline styles, and at first glance may appear to have the same shapes only with lower contrast. However, in reality the letter forms of Abril Text were engineered from scratch to achieve a color, texture and overall width that allow using the font comfortably in the most challenging environments for continuous reading, such as newspapers. This also makes it a great font family for pocketbooks and magazines. Abril competes, in terms of economy of space, head to head with some newspaper classics such as Utopia or Nimrod, but featuring a more contemporary look and feel; and unlike them, includes a full set of small caps with numbers and punctuation.Abril consists of 8 text styles and 12 display styles, all of them containing the standard TypeTogether character set that supports over 50 languages including those from Central and Northern Europe. 

AIKO Font Family 2xOTF and WOFF $38

AIKO Font Family $38

2 OTF and 2 WOFF Webfont Files | 15 MB

Aldo Font Family, 5 Fonts $89

Aldo Font Family, 5 Fonts $89

5 OTF and WOFF WebFonts | 17 MB | Designer: Jonathan Hill 2009


  • Aldo is a 5 font family. A bold stylized type face re-worked from the original 1970s movie poster The Battle For The Planet Of The Apes.